When in Sydney – Two Chaps Cafe

When in Sydney I came across this hidden gem. This über-trendy cafè-bakery is located amongst the residential streets of Marrickville, Sydney’s Inner West, straddled by 19th century terraced houses. Originally a warehouse, the property was redesigned yet retained its urban and industrial vibe. Exposed beams and bricks, deliberately mismatched furniture, small blackboards with daily menus. Their focus is on local and seasonal produce, in-house baked pastries, sourdough loaves and handmade house teas.

Arriving early on a warm sunny weekday, this place was heaving with customers of all ages, looks and professions. Mechanics. Lawyers. Hipsters. Students. Artists. Old friends. New friends. Neighbours who just popped in to buy  fresh pastries. Young families with their little ones and four legged friends. And even that rare breed of human that rides motorcycles in office attire.

They roast their Blind Man Coffee, along with creating a small but finely tuned array of toasted sandwiches, salads, cereals, biscuits and pressed juices.


All ingredients are fresh and full of flavour. Their daily menu and their display counter is filled with yummy goodies; be ready to be spoiled for choice.

Upon arrival, we were seated on a wooden bench beneath wooden planter boxes sprouting herbs. The small bench is not cushy, but Two Chaps do offer some conventional seating areas both inside the cafe and al fresco that might have been more comfortable for our “6’3 friend, but my hubby and I found the bench comfy enough.

After ordering, we waited some time for our coffee, let alone the breakfast itself. One thing I find with all so-called hipster cafes is that their coffee, teas and dishes are made with painstaking care. It takes ages! However, when the breakfast finally arrived, Oh Boy it was worth the wait!  What a treat! Believe me when I say I am a big eater, but that plate of food was massive!

IMG_8104Delicious Toastie

I chose their signature dish: avocado toast with marinated goats feta, shaved zucchini, kale and za’atar tapenade, pomegranate and fried chickpea.

The sourdough bread was crispy – toasted maybe a little too much – piled with layers of fresh vegetables.

The combination of creamy avocado, crispy kale and fresh zucchini shaves was simply delish. What brought this dish to life was the peppery goats’ feta, za’atar tapenade and the perfect amount of sharpness from the pomegranate seeds. My taste buds went to heaven. No surprise that I finished it all and if I could fit more in I would have ordered another one.

IMG_8107Poached Egg Ciabatta with Pickled Habanero Aioli, Fresco Cheese, Bread and Butter Pickles and Raw Kale

I didn’t get to try any of their blueberry sourdough crumpets with poached quince, sour cream and honey, or a pot of Sticky Chai but taking that the queue was all the way outside it must be a seller!

I truly enjoyed the visit to this unconventional and buzzy place. I felt utterly relaxed and could spend all day just sitting back, sipping on coffee and watching the day go by.

IMG_8187Two Chaps Café Marrickville

Two Chaps Café is a place with a warm and friendly atmosphere! Will I visit  again when back in Sydney? … Absolutely!

PhotoCredit: culinarygoddess and TwoChaps.com.au


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