My Inspiration

My passion for food, recipes and different flavours dates way back to my childhood. Even as a little girl I would pull up a stool to watch (most of the time to also taste) my grandma cook.

She was a lady of the kitchen and I admired her passion. She placed love into every single dish. She would take ordinary ingredients and turn them into something special.

In later days we would cook together and as a pretend “sous-chef” I practiced replicating her amazing dishes. I learned a broad amount, ranging from the the magic of spices and herbs to the philosophy of yeast; nothing tastes or smells better than freshly baked homemade bread and butter sprinkled with salt and sliced tomatoes. Yum!

Every week I will be sharing with you recipes from my grandma’s kitchen with tips on how to add a modern twist whilst keeping it authentic with unbeatable flavours.

In addition, you’ll also find here a bit – a dash – a slice – of everything: mouthwatering food photos, restaurant and meal reviews, foodilicious recipes and unforgettable dining experiences (with some forgettable ones too!)

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